Universal Beer Dispense is a technical services company supporting the requirements of the UK brewery industry.  We specialise in the installation and maintenance of draft beer and wine dispensing equipment, having installed products for all of the UK’s major breweries.

Installs – Breakdowns – Surveys

Each of our technicians are trained to install a range of freeflow and metered dispense systems for all keg and cask products, complying with all industry requirements. We are capable of tailoring a team to suit any sized installation from working in modest accounts to large national venues.

Our technicians provide cover from 8am – 8pm 365 days a year allowing us to swiftly respond to any breakdown or service issue which may arise. We offer a telephone fault finding service and on site customer training in an attempt to minimise call outs and prevent repeat occurrences.

We can supply a range of dispense equipment for draft installations for those accounts which do not have their own supply chain, providing everything you would need in order to dispense products into venues. These include such items as handpulls, beer fonts, taps, cellar equipment, pipe work, fittings, gas systems, cask racking, cellar drop mats and anything else you might require.

For national brewers, we have a large warehouse with storage space more than adequate to store brewery owned equipment for use on your installation requests.

Our planning and administrative departments are capable of dealing with any customer request and are highly experienced in current brewery job logging systems. For those breweries which do not have their own job tracking processes, we have our own job tracking system we use to keep histories and records of all installations, maintenance calls and equipment movement.

If you’re not sure what’s possible at an account, our technicians can survey an outlet to see the feasibility of installing your brands onto existing bars. We can provide reports on individual tap installations all the way through to full account refurbishments with new pythons, tbars and coolers; giving you at a glance the costs of undertaking certain activities.

Where we operate

We provide installation and maintenance cover for breweries within the following postcodes:

  • B Birmingham
  • CV Coventry
  • DE Derbyshire
  • DY Dudley
  • LE Leicestershire
  • LU Luton
  • MK Milton Keynes
  • NG Nottinghamshire
  • NN Northamptonshire
  • ST Stoke on Trent
  • TF Telford
  • WR Worcestershire
  • WS Walsall
  • WV Wolverhampton
Technical services coverage within the East and West Midlands

Install examples:

  • N.E.C. Birmingham
  • I.C.C. Birmingham
  • Aston Villa Football Stadium
  • Butlins World Holiday Camp
  • World’s End pub, London

The high standards of your brand is down to awareness. Customers need to be aware of your brand, how it should be served and all the little intricacies which make your brand special. We can tailor a training package to your specific brand requirements and carry out customer training with staff to ensure everything is being carried out correctly. We have found that this helps to maintain brand image and ensure that your products are being dispensed and sold in the way you want to encourage repeat drinkers and sales.

Temporary Loan Solutions

We often find that breweries are reluctant to provide short term dispense equipment to customers for temporary events. The reasons often involve a combination of: the cost of the equipment, which often gets damaged after being used only once; the legal responsibilities of providing a temporary loan setup with regards to the gas pressure regulations; and providing available technicians to install temporary sets either out of hours or on weekends.

For temporary events, we provide all the necessary cooling equipment and dispense equipment to dispense any brand. We use our own mini remote coolers to achieve the extra cold temperatures many brands require, and our own chrome fonts to attach to customer trestle tables or bar structures.

All our equipment is correctly stored, with regular tests conducted on their electrical and gas systems, with all legal obligations fulfilled. Our specifically designed forms ensure that a customer is fully aware of the safe operation of all equipment and the responsibilities they have with regards to the gas pressure systems for the duration of an event.

Our team is fully trained on the safe operation and installation of all beer dispensing and temporary loan equipment. When supplying a temporary loan installation, full training is given to the site responsible person to ensure they know how to correctly use all the equipment, involving how to avoid simple mistakes when using the equipment and how to ensure perfect pints are dispensed.

As well as providing chrome dispense fonts to clamp onto trestle tables, we also provide the option of our mobile bars to use for temporary sets. These units hold safely and securely all dispense equipment and gas valves away from tampering hands. The units are on wheels so can be moved easily, but when in situ have locks to fix them in place.

Line Clean Services

A pint of beer is at its best when the beer lines are clean, glassware is correctly renovated and staff are trained in the correct dispense techniques of a brand. We can help by providing training in all these areas.

The industry recommends that your beer lines are cleaned every 7 days. Dirty lines can lead to dispense and taste issues, all of which can give customers a negative impression of your account. A clean line can ensure a fresh pint and a positive response from customers.
We understand that doing a full line clean can take time and that landlords would rather spend that time focusing on other aspects of their business. We can help by providing a line cleaning service for either one off cleans or a regular line maintenance.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this in further detail.

New to running a pub?

Looking for a refresher for yourself or your staff? Our trained technicians can provide full instruction on everything from changing a barrel to carrying out a line clean. We will explain how to maintain your beer and gas systems and how to ensure you deliver perfect pints time and again.

Starting a micro-brewery?

The revival of consumer interest in real ales has seen a rise in the number of microbreweries appearing. Craft brewers are meeting an increased consumer demand for good quality cask-conditioned beer produced from locally sourced products. Most micro-breweries are built on a passion for beer with a successful, sometimes experimental, approach to producing new tastes and flavours and we applaud them for that.

If you are a microbrewery looking to expand, we can help! We understand how important it is to maintain the quality of your brands when trying to raise your company profile. One ill-managed pint can sour the relationship between you and your drinkers and there are several things which can be done to limit variations in your products. We provide a range of services to any micro-brewery looking to take its brand to market.

Please contact us for further information.