Our bars, your event.

Universal Beer Dispense Ltd are responsible for the installation of temporary event bars at outside festivals and we provide these nationwide.

We are industry leaders and have our own bespoke range of temporary mobile event bar units. We can construct a bar of any size and have our own specialist trailer bar which can be customised in remarkable ways.

We can take on all the responsibilities of running and managing the bar at your event. From temporary event notices, product sourcing, bar management and staffing requirements, we can provide them all.

Hydra Bar

Our exclusive mobile trailer bar, the Hydra Bar, is designed specifically for high demand events, boasting an incredible 48 metered dispense points, 37 optic brackets and 4 bottle fridges all held within a unit 8m by 2.75m.

Designed for Speed

Our bars are specifically designed for use at outside events where large numbers of crowds are expected. We have a range of fast pour dispense systems and multi dispense units capable of dispensing an incredible amount of drinks in a short space of time.

We have a proven, professional and experienced track record and have provided bars at some of the country’s largest events.

Our bars are ideal for any temporary event, festival, sporting event, concerts, weekend festivals and one day events.

Our mobile bar units are designed to be versatile, capable of creating a bar of any size to create a dispense solution to any type of event.

However, there are such events which demand more specific equipment to cater for large crowds of people. We have equipment which is capable of dispensing thousands of pints of product in a short space of time.

We have developed specific equipment for use at events where there is a huge demand for draft products such as festivals, concerts, race days, sport matches, etc..


Over the years we’ve built on our relationships with event companies, party planners, catering services, and festival organisers. We’re proud to be the point of call for bar services for these customers and are lucky that we get to support their endeavours. We really enjoy working at outside events and tailoring our bars to your theme!


When we provide your bar we operate it in a way which is not only responsible to your event but also to the local area and the environment. We do this in the following ways:

  • We operate an ASK 21 policy on all our bars.
  • We recycle our waste materials and packaging.
  • We use fully recyclable plastic drink cups.
  • We use local suppliers to eliminate unnecessary transportation.
  • We encourage car sharing schemes for staff travelling to and from an event.
  • We support the local community by sourcing additional staff from the surrounding area.
  • We understand, through consultation, your target market and tailor our brands accordingly.


We are proud of our staff! We only provide people who are experienced and knowledgeable about the requirements of working at an outside event.

We provide a reliable bar service with experienced staff and a professional finish. We work very closely with the event organisers to understand their exact needs and what it is they are looking for from their bar provision. In many circumstances our staff have already been to your event and are part of the customers you regularly attract. We strive to have our bars fit seamlessly into your event to enhance the overall image you have created.

All our staff are comprehensively trained prior to your event and we aim to maintain the ethos and values your event inspires.


We have been involved in some of the country’s largest events which include the: V Festival, Isle of Wight Festival, BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend, Global Gathering, Birmingham Pride, T Mobile Fan Park and the Beck Vier Fusion events.