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Universal Beer Dispense: The how, what and where?
Our team of engineers can provide maintenance or installation cover 365 days a year for in hours or out of hours calls.

Our planning and administrative departments are capable of dealing with any customer request and are highly experienced in current brewery job logging systems. For those breweries which do not have their own job tracking processes, we have our own job tracking system we can use to keep histories and records of all installation and maintenance calls.

Our technicians are highly trained, CSCS card accreditied, and capable of working on any current beer dispensing systems, including wine installations.

Our warehouse team is proficient at maintaining stock levels and kit ordering, and with approximately 10,000 sq ft of workable floor space in Coventry, and a unit of similar size in Nottingham, we are capable of storing any size or quantity of equipment necessary to meet the requirements of our customers.
As technical service provider, we operate nationally within England and Wales.
Each of our technicians are trained to install a range of freeflow and metered dispense systems for all keg and cask products, each trained to comply with all industry legal and safety requirements. We are capable of tailoring a team to suit any size of installation from working in modest sized accounts to large national venues.
Installation specialists of beer dispensing equipment and suppliers of mobile bars
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