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Universal Beer Dispense: Temporary Loan Solutions
We often find that breweries are reluctant to provide temporary loan units to customers for various reasons. These reasons often involve a combination of: the cost of equipment, which often gets damaged after being used only once; the legal responsibilities of providing a temporary loan and the gas pressure regulations; and providing available technicians to install temporary sets either out of hours or on weekends.
We provide all the necessary cooling equipment and dispense equipment to dispense any brand. We use our own mini remote coolers to achieve the extra cold temperatures many brands require, and our own chrome fonts to attach to customer trestle tables. All we require from a brewery is the branded badges for the fonts.
No costly equipment outlays:
All equipment tested, and legal responsibilities fulfilled:
All our equipment is correctly stored, with regular tests conducted on their electrical and gas systems, with all legal obligations fulfilled. Our specifically designed forms ensure that a customer is fully aware of the safe operation of all equipment and the responsibilities they have with regards to the gas pressure systems for the duration of an event. All records are kept for 10 years.
Full training given:
All our engineers are fully trained in the safe operation and installation of all beer dispensing and temporary loan equipment. When we do a temporary loan installation, full training is given to the site responsible person to ensure they know how to correctly use all the equipment, involving how to avoid simple mistakes when using the equipment and how to ensure perfect pints are dispensed.
Shell Scheme Options:
As well as providing chrome dispense fonts to clamp onto trestle tables, we also provide the option of our mini bars to use for temporary sets.

These units hold safely and securely all dispense equipment and gas valves away from tampering hands. The units are on wheels so can be moved easily, but when in situ have locks to fix them in place.

These units can dispense 2 brands each, with the kegs sitting to the side of the units.
For further information on our mini bars, please click here.
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