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The revival of consumer interest in real ales has seen a rise in the number of microbreweries appearing. Craft brewers are meeting an increased consumer demand for good quality cask-conditioned beer produced from locally sourced products. Most micro-breweries are built on a passion for beer with a successful, sometimes experimental, approach to producing new tastes and flavours and we applaud them for that.

If you are a microbrewery looking to expand, we can help! We understand how important it is to maintain the quality of your brands when trying to raise your company profile. One ill-managed pint can sour the relationship between you and your customer and there are several things which can be done to limit variations in your products. We provide a range of services to any micro-brewery looking to take its brand to market.
Installation and Maintenance Service
We offer a range of installation packages ranging from installing brewery owned equipment to providing everything a micro-brewery would need in order to dispense products into venues such as cask racking, handpulls, beer fonts, taps, pipe, fittings, cellar drop mats, and anything else you could require. We also offer a management service to schedule your job requests and track all equipment movement.

Our technicians provide cover from 8am – 8pm 365 days a year allowing us to swiftly respond to any breakdown or service issue which may arise. We offer a telephone fault finding service and on site customer training in an attempt to minimise call outs and prevent repeat occurrences.
If you’re not sure what’s possible at an account, our technicians can survey an outlet to see the feasibility of installing your brands onto existing bars. We can provide reports on individual tap installations all the way through to full account refurbishments with new pythons, tbars and coolers; giving you at a glance the costs of undertaking certain activities.
Customer Training
Maintaining the high standards of your brand is all down to awareness. Customers need to be aware of your brand, how it should be served, the presentation you desire and all the little intricacies which make your brand special. We can tailor a training package to your specific brand requirements and carry out customer training with staff to ensure everything is being carried out correctly. We have found that this helps to maintain brand image and ensure that your products are being dispensed and sold in the way you want.
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