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Multi-Dispense Units
18 Pints / Minute / Unit
Our multi-dispense units (MDU's) have been developed using the latest technology. All our units are certified by Weights and Measures and use stroke completion fobs to ensure the quality and quantity dispensed.

Extra cold temperatures are achieved with the use of our exclusive temperature controlled cabinets - with a temperature display - and our double foil wrapped extra cold python (our new development to the industry.)

The units can serve up to 6 different brands when using conventional pythons or can serve up to 3 different brands when using our extra cold python.

Our MDU's have an associated mobile cellar unit which contains the gas pumps and compressor ensuring fast, consistent dispense. The cellar unit has the option of using primary gas valves if necessary.

MDU on/off switches allow for dispense taps to be isolated depending on demand.

The supply of product to the units can be from any sized keg or directly from tanker vehicles if required.

Our MDU's can be integrated into our standard mobile bars to create a larger bar area with greater dispense potential.
Dimensions : 1000mm long, 1775mm height, 610mm wide
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